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Being an Ex-Professional Athlete means dedication, work ethic and professionalism are three key values that got me to where I am today. Furthermore I like to apply these 3 values to my personal training. After working in the industry for over 4 years I know not one client is the same and can require a unique approach, which I thrive on trying to determine. Being able to help a client become a healthier individual and bettering themselves by reaching their goals is what I find most satisfying about this area of work.

Having worked with everybody from professional athlete’s to stay at home mum’s I know what is required to build a programme suitable to the individual. My expertise in a variety of training from S & C to mobility sets me apart from other trainers.

Nutritional meal plans are a great addition to the advice, motivation, assessment, and physical training programs. My meal plans ensure that you know what, when and how to eat in order to avoid training plateaus. 

My workout plans do not only incorporate a wide variety of cutting edge exercises, but also provide a foundation for you to go on and achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. 

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In any training programme support is crucial. This is why i provide an in-app live chat so that you can reach me at any time for help or questions.

Sometimes all you need is a “pick me up” and it’s my job to do that! I work hard to build a relationship with all clients.

I pay close attention to detail in order to tailor a workout plan just for you. All our programmes are designed to maximise results while ensuring that you are having fun during the process


Its my job to stay professional so that you can achieve your goals. That doesn’t mean that we cant share a laugh though!

Meal plans are provided to make sure you are taking in the right things before and after your workouts. We understand that a lot of meal plans can be uninspiring, which is why we give you a wide variety of meals for you to choose from.

My priority is to ensure that you get achieve the results that you were looking for at the beginning of the programme. 

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